How do I become an Affiliate?

Signup to ProStack's affiliate scheme and receive 10% of the revenue generated over the first 12 months for every customer that you refer.


How does it work?

If you’d like to become an affiliate, contact your account manager or open a support ticket - Submit Ticket - ProStack. 


We'll activate your affiliate account and you’ll find your referral details within your ProStack client portal


Your unique referral link can be found here. You can add this link to your website pages, so visitors can easily find links to sign up, but also make sure to tell everyone you know to really maximise your earnings!


You will receive a monthly report via email to keep you updated on the status of your earnings and any new signups. 


When you give this to your business connections, and they click on it, it will save a cookie to their system and store it for 3 months. If they place an order during this time, it will be credited to you as a referral and you’ll see the balance update on your account.


Customised referral links

The unique referral link directs your referrals to the homepage of our website.


However, you can create customised affiliate links and provide them to your customers to go directly to our store by the following steps provided below:


Step 1

Use this link here:


Step 2

Locate your affiliate ID number which is at the end of your unique referral link e.g. - /aff.php?aff=13. You will then need to add - &gid=10 like so: /aff.php?aff=13&gid=10


Step 3

Put the two together to create the new link:


Payment requests

You can click the “request withdrawal” button at any time, and this will open a ticket with our billing department.


You’ll be offered the money as credit paid into your own ProStack account or as a cash payment paid into a bank account of your choice.


The option for cash payment can only be requested after a minimum of 3 monthly referrals and an invoice must be provided to our billing department. Please use the following details to invoice:


Email the invoice to [email protected].


Sharpstack Hosting Ltd t/s Prostack
Office 208, 25 Town Square


Affiliate commission - Payments up to [Date requested - XX.XX.XX].


(Please note: The requested amount includes VAT and will need to be included on the invoice if you are a registered VAT business.)


ProStack Affiliate Agreement

Please read our Affiliate terms and conditions in full here - ProStack Affiliate Agreement - ProStack


Need further assistance?

If you require further assistance please contact the ProStack team and we can help get this resolved for you! Get in touch today!

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