How do I check if my domain name is set to auto-renew?

To check the renewal status of your domain, please log in to your [client portal] (If you cannot remember your password, there is a [password reset link]).


Step 1

Once logged into the account, click on the Domains tab and then My Domains.



Step 2

Here, you'll see the "Auto-Renew" status for your domain names.


To enable or disable this option, select the 'active' button (under the Status column) on the domain you wish to update.



Step 3

Here is the domain overview. Please be aware that if the domain status is set to auto-renew, the domain will only automatically renew if the service is set to be paid via credit/debit card.



Step 4

On the left-hand side, you will see the Manage section, click on Auto-renew.



Step 5 a)

Auto-renew is currently enabled. To Disable this click on the Disable Auto Renew button.



The domain will now expire at the end of the current period.


Step 5 b)

Auto-renew is currently disabled. To enable this click on the Enable Auto Renew button.



Need further assistance?

If you require further assistance please contact the ProStack team and we can help get this resolved for you! [Get in touch today!]





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