Agency focused hosting you can rely on

As an extension of your own team, we provide reliable and scalable hosting solutions with that human touch. If you’re a digital agency, we’re here to help you produce the highest service standards for your clients.


Performance that you can count on

Experience Cito, our fastest custom server stack designed for agencies to provide a performance boost for your web applications and tools. By ditching the control panel, you’ll see noticeable speed improvements from the get-go with our speed testing service.

  • Finely tuned and optimised server environments
  • Supported by the latest versions of PHP and popular extensions
  • Configured to match your available resources
  • To keep things fast and secure, we’ve made additional tweaks like BBR, filesystem isolation


Stay secure and stop breaches within your agency

No one gets past our security, with firewalls, WAF and malware scanning tools as standard. We operate using the very best managed security suite, with proactive monitoring and additional tools available such as Cloudflare and Imunify360.

  • DDoS mitigation
  • PCI Compliance and vulnerability scanning
  • Penetration testing services
  • ISO Information Security Compliant hosting, internationally recognised standards


Monitoring and graphing with Grafana

Comprehensive monitoring and alerting system. We have visibility into every part of your web hosting solutions, so if things go wrong we know about it before your customers do.

  • Pro-active monitoring system
  • 40 monitors and health checks
  • Real-time and historical stats with Grafana


Managed Migration service and audit tools

When it comes to making the switch, we’ll make sure your migration is stress-free, downtime-free and, well, free. For easy site transfers, our managed migration tools such as our Preview URL tool make testing super quick and easy.

  • Managed hosting audit and migration plan
  • Effective tools to test site functionality and performance
  • Free or subsidised hosting for the duration of the migration
  • Full project management from the audit stage to the moment the sites go live


Superior Support

We’re on hand round the clock to help you solve any problems. Think of us as an extension of your own team.

  • In-house UK 24/7 technical support service
  • Get get in touch with our team via the ticket system


Revenue generation from web hosting

Maximise your business with revenue generation by earning through referrals. With a focus on helping digital agencies by maximising your income from hosting clients.

  • Earning through referrals
  • Upselling
  • Web hosting as a component in your retainers

Digital Agencies and Web Hosting Guide

Take a look at our whitepaper which explores the considerations for digital agencies when building an effective strategy to host customer web projects.


What’s included?


  • The opportunities and challenges web hosting presents to digital agencies
  • How to generate a revenue stream from web hosting
  • Choosing a hosting plan of suitable specifications for your customers