Dedicated server hosting solutions

Fast, finely-tuned dedicated servers that meet your exact requirements. From setup to ongoing support, we’re with you every step of the way. Kickstart your way to ultimate performance and results with pricing starting from £182.42.

Dedicated servers

Dedicated server hosting offers the ultimate in performance from bare metal.

For raw performance, nothing beats bare metal. Our dedicated server hosting solutions are designed from the ground up for speed and reliability.

Best for big guns ico

Best for the big guns

We use the latest Intel Xeon processors and all-SSD architecture for maximum performance. Ideal for larger sites or digital agencies, with up to 40 cores and 512GB RAM

full management

360 management and monitoring

You focus on running a great business, we’ll do the monitoring, backups and security bit. Deal?

Safe ico

The safest of safe hands

Our infrastructure is engineered with reliability in mind, with no single point of failure.

server stack

Tuned and tailored stacks

Each server can be tailored to your requirements, including custom web, database and caching layers crafted to get the most out of your websites.

Human Support icon

Get-right-to-it Support

We’re always here when you need us. Round-the-clock support from familiar faces you can trust..

100% SLAs

100% SLA

We guarantee your server stays up 100% of the time. We understand no news is good news.

Sound good? Let's talk

Our experts are ready and waiting to chat through your challenges.

Dedicated server hosting case study:
PS Website Design

With a reputation as one of the UK’s leading Website Design agencies, working with big brands and online businesses, PS Website Design knows the value that rapid website speed gives their customers.

With ProStack’s managed migration service, PS Website Design can use a suite of testing tools to demonstrate to their customers the considerable performance improvements made by moving to a Prostack Dedicated server platform. Being able to “test the water” in this way, makes it much easier to show customers just what they are missing out on with their existing hosting provider.

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What they said

“We made the decision to switch to Prostack this year due to headaches with our previous hosts. It has been a breath of fresh air to work with a company that just wants to help when a problem arises. We originally set up with one server and noticed the improvement in performance straight away! Then any issues we have or questions are responded to within minutes, yes minutes!

This then changed to moving over 200 sites to another 2 new servers which was a huge move for us. These were moved manually by the team one by one, a huge and not very nice task at all. This was done within days and when updating the DNS everything moved over without issue which just shows how well all the staff focused on the requirements at hand.”

Jamie Gill
Development Director, PS Website Design