Fully managed hosting from the "we're already on it" people

When we say fully managed we mean it. We’ll do the worrying, you do the smashing it success bit. Simple.


24/7 UK managed hosting support.

When things go wrong, we know you need a calm, rapid and informed response. No cookie-cut messages, no call centres, and no outsourcing. Just an expert in-house team that’s equipped to solve your problems, fast.

  • In-house UK support 24 hours, 365 days a year
  • 7 minutes average ticket response time
  • Dedicated, friendly account managers
  • Technical expertise without the jargon


Real-time monitoring and alerting

We wouldn’t be the ‘already-on-it’ people without it. Our best-in-class monitoring and alerting means we have visibility into every part of your hosting solution, with hundreds of system metrics and over 40 alerts, so that if things go wrong, we know about it before your customers do.

  • Over 40 monitors and health checks
  • ProStack insights: real-time and historical stats to spot trends before they become problems
  • Monitored by human eyes round the clock
  • Full visibility of website performance


Tuned for ultimate performance

Think of something you despise. Turn it up to 11. That’s how we feel about slow websites. Our environments are finely tuned to give you lightning-fast sites. ProStack customers see noticeable speed gains versus their old setup.

  • All-SSD infrastructure
  • Optimised server environments
  • e-commerce-ready and tailored to your platform. Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop and more
  • Pro-active speed testing and benchmarking service


Security that never sleeps

No more hacked sites! Sleep easy with firewalls, WAF and malware scanning tools as standard. We also run Immunify360 to stay one step ahead of any emerging threats from the depths of the internet.

  • Pro-active security tools to monitor and defend your sites from malware
  • Hardened firewall and WAF with CSF and mod_security
  • PCI compliant configurations available
  • Automatic patching and security updates


Peace of mind with secure, off-site daily backups

Our nightly backup process is like a scene from 24 – where everything is going right. Automatically. This means you can restore everything from a single file to the whole server, quickly and easily.

  • Automated nightly backups and offsite storage
  • 7-day retention as standard, much longer options for you hoarders. We know who you are
  • Restore everything from a single file to an entire server
  • Self-service restore from within your control panel


Industry-leading spam filtering

We run our own filtering cluster to block unwanted email, including spam, phishing and malware threats. No complex setup needed – just a speedy single click to protect your domain and keep your inbox clean.

  • 99.98% spam filter accuracy
  • One-click setup for all your domains
  • Intuitive filtering controls and powerful customisation
  • Effective protection against malware, phishing and unwanted email


The industry's leading CDN solution

We use Cloudflare to enhance your site’s security and performance, with one-click caching of static content, improved security, and faster site response times. Cloudflare can be easily enabled with a simple DNS change..

  • Faster site response times via Cloudflare's global network
  • Reduce server load and bandwidth usage with automatic content caching
  • Improve security with an external firewall solution
  • Free and paid plans with additional security rules and features

Can’t find what you need?

We love a query. We live for them. Let us cut through the complexity and help you find exactly what you’re after.

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