eCommerce Hosting Solutions you can rely on

From startups to sizeable enterprises, we’ll actively ensure your eCommence site has warp speed page load times. Avoid abandoned shopping carts and enjoy more conversions and search engine kudos. Plus, we’ll look after you and your data round the clock.

Fast and Flexible

Fast and Flexible UK eCommerce Website Hosting

Our data centre and network platform is engineered from the ground up to provide reliability and performance.

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Race track ready

We’re masters of speed so we’ll make sure your eCommerce site goes sonic. With our TTFB-optimised software stack you’ll see less abandoned shopping carts, which means more converted sales.

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Caching in

We offer support for NGINX, Redis and Varnish which means lightning fast load times so your customers are never stuck waiting.

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Braced for traffic

As part of our eCommerce hosting packages, we carry out rigorous performance testing on your most intensive pages so you can carry on with the mid-season sales. We’ll prove it by sharing the before/after results.

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Boost your immune system for free

We use Cloudflare which is packed full of security and performance benefits. It’s also super zippy so your existing site moves over to ProStack in seconds.

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Crowd capacity

Knowing how your site will handle a sale stampede will help you to decide when and if you need to scale up capacity. ProStack offer simulated high traffic testing so you’ll always be prepared.

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Peace of mind

Imunify360 is a pro-active beast of a security system. It can catch hacks before they’ve had a chance to do any damage and offers protection to stop them happening in the first place.

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Why does my eCommerce store need dedicated hosting?

You wouldn't put diesel in a space shuttle. If your business is taking off, it deserves to be super fast and ...

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How does ProStack keep my business secure?

As part of our eCommerce hosting packages, we vigilantly patrol your site with a range of scanning tools to ...

No limits

Will my site be able to cope if visitor numbers suddenly increase?

You betcha. We conduct rigorous performance and capacity testing to make sure there’s no slow down when your ...

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Is there any interruption to my eCommerce site if I migrate to ProStack?

To make sure your store’s data is copied up-to-the-minute and there’s no doubling up of orders, we place your ...

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How do I know if your eCommerce hosting products are right for my store?

ProStack will work with you directly to understand your business requirements so we can offer a personalised ...

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How does ProStack keep my eCommerce customers’ data safe?

We're all about security. We offer full cloud encryption of databases and file systems as well as proactive ...

camera monitoring

What do you do if my site goes down?

We use state-of-the art monitoring and alert systems so our ‘always on’ team can work to remedy the fault ...

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How can eCommerce hosting products help reduce the number of abandoned baskets?

No one likes to be kept waiting so it could be down to page loading time. ProStack knows how to expertly ...

Don’t just take our word for it – read Refresh Cartridges’ eCommerce hosting success story

Refresh Cartridges have been running their reputable eCommerce store for an amazing 17 years and they handle hundreds of thousands of unique visitors each month. Their online business has grown considerably so they needed someone to help them get the best out of their osCommerce site and expertly manage, secure and monitor their high-volume traffic.

ProStack migrated the site quickly to a scalable Cloud server and provided a performance tuned stack with a low TTFB. We also made sure the system was safe and sound with Imunify360 and added a backup process to keep their booming business on the move.

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