Migrate hosting to ProStack for free

Breaking up, is so very hard to do. However, our expert team will plan and execute a fully-managed migration from your existing hosting provider, free of charge (and downtime!). It’s as close to a painless separation as you’ll ever experience. Can’t promise we won’t play a bit of Adele though.

1. Audit

1. Sitewide analysis, health check and migration planning

Our thorough assessment of your existing services and customer requirements means we don’t miss a trick. Plus, if we notice a single thing that will make your site better and/or faster, you’ll be the first to know.

2. Provisioning

2. Full configuration of your new home

We get everything set up and ready for you: provisioning servers and configuring your solution so it’s all ready to copy your sites over without a hitch.

3. Replication

3. Safe replication of your site and data

We securely replicate your sites and data, allowing you to test and ensure that everything works. Our Prostack Preview URL tool lets you generate temporary URLs, in any browser, from any device, quickly and easily.

4. Sign-off

4. Thumbs up and good to go

Once everyone’s happy, we schedule a final migration window to make everything live. No alarms, no surprises.

5. Go live

5. And it's live!

We switch your DNS to us, completing the migration process. We can also re-sync your sites at this stage, so nothing is missed. And there you have it, a seamless, stress-free deployment and a spanking new site for your good self.

Ready to make the switch?

Come bask in the sunshine of unparalleled performance and friendly, fast support.