Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The ProStack Managed Hosting Service Level Agreement is designed to provide you with peace of mind that your servers and sites are managed and monitored 24/7/365. The agreement outlines our guarantees and responsibilities to you as a customer.

This SLA agreement applies to Cloud and Dedicated servers only.

Network + Infrastructure

Our network infrastructure is designed with redundancy at every point. This covers the hardware and network path from your server’s network card to the internet port on our border routers. We guarantee that, aside from scheduled maintenance, our network will be available 100% of the time. Software and services are not included under this definition, nor are we responsible for general internet conditions beyond our network edge.

Our hardware infrastructure (power and cooling) is designed with similar redundancies. We operate diverse power feeds (A + B) backed by battery UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) units, as well as N+1 generators onsite. We guarantee power availability 100% of the time.

Datacentre environment is also covered under the infrastructure SLA and is strictly controlled.

SLA credit: For any downtime of 1 hour, we will credit the value of 1 days hosting fees for affected services.


We guarantee the hardware of your server, including motherboard, RAM, disks, CPU and other related chassis components. In the unlikely event that these components fail, we will replace them free of charge. For non-critical hardware failures, we will schedule a suitable maintenance window with you for remediation. Our datacentre is staffed 24/7/365 with qualified engineers and smart hands technicians.

This guarantee does not include RAID rebuild, backup restoration, or OS/application reload time, which is dependent on the amount of data to be restored.

SLA credit: For any downtime of 1 hour, we will credit the value of 1 days hosting fees for affected services.

Support response times

ProStack offers 24/7/365 support, delivered by qualified in-house engineers. There are two methods of obtaining technical support:

  • Via ticket at

  • Via telephone on 02033221618 or directly to your account manager

  • We guarantee a minimum one-hour response time for all technical support requests submitted via the above methods, although the average response time is generally much faster. Tickets are triaged according to priority at the discretion of ProStack engineers; for example, critical service problems will take higher priority than billing or account issues.

    The Support Services Agreement outlines our definition and scope of support. Technical assistance outside this agreement may be chargeable.

    Support requests submitted via other mediums are not subject to the response time guarantee.


    We monitor our network, infrastructure, and servers on a continuous basis, both internally and externally. Monitoring includes, but is not limited to:

  • Server availability via ICMP

  • CPU load

  • RAM utilisation

  • Disk and inode utilisation

  • Disk health

  • Service health, including Apache (httpd), MySQL, and SMTP/IMAP services.

  • Network traffic

  • Backup success/failure

  • Should any of these systems fail, an alert is generated for engineer response.


    We back up your entire server daily and retain these backups for a period of 7 days. Note that you, the customer, are ultimately responsible for your data; we do not guarantee the integrity of backups.

    Except for cases where the customer has self-service backup restoration access, backup restores can only be carried out by ProStack support.


    SLA credit is available at the sole discretion of ProStack Hosting. To receive an SLA credit, you must notify us within 7 days of an SLA-impacting event.

    SLA credit will not apply to the following:

  • Scheduled maintenance, such as hardware or software upgrades, notified in advance by either party.

  • Emergency maintenance deemed critical for the security or performance of your server or our network.

  • Force Majeure events

  • Outages or issues not made known to us via support channels within 7 days

  • Issues arising from customer configuration, code, or software error.

  • Events beyond our control, such as major DDoS attacks or hacking attempts where your services are targeted.

  • Instances where our terms of service are breached, including your payment obligations to us.

  • The maximum monthly SLA credit that will be issued is equal to the monthly service fee paid by the customer.

    SLA credits are issued to your ProStack account to be used against future service fees, purchases, or invoices.

    SLA credits will not be issued in the form of cash payment or bank transfer.

    ProStack Support Agreement

    ProStack’s industry-leading technical support is available 24/7/365, provided by qualified in-house engineers. This agreement outlines our definition and scope of support.

    In general, we support your hosting environment, including server hardware and software, the operating system, and its functionality. Our support service is designed to complement this.

    All support must be opened either by telephone or ticket (at using registered contact details. We may ask for customer verification for telephone support. End-user support (where you, our customer, are not the recipient) is not provided.

    If you suspect a server-side fault, you must first conduct necessary due diligence to rule out your application/ configuration/ code being at fault. If we investigate an issue following a support request and identify this issue is caused by your application/ configuration/ code (ie. not a server-side issue), then the time spent on such will be charged for.

    This scope is not designed to be restrictive- we’re often happy to go above and beyond- but to help you understand what the support service covers and what it does not.

    Examples of what we do support:

  • Service and system monitoring.

  • Outages and incidents.

  • Operating system configuration (notwithstanding exceptional deviations from our standard deployment practices).

  • Server software management (performance adjustments, automatic restarts, and routine configuration).

  • SSL certificate installation.

  • Site migration (in the first instance only).

  • Backup creation/restoration (except in the case of excessive restore requests).

  • Service issues and troubleshooting- including email, site, and database issues where the problem is deemed to be server-related.

  • Firewall management.

  • We are unable to support the following:

  • Code changes, development work, and the like that are not related to the server’s own software or configuration.

  • Control panel configuration and management; tasks that clients are able to complete themselves (such as creating email or FTP accounts) are not covered.

  • FTP, SSH, or email clients: It is the client’s responsibility to set up and configure these.

  • End-user support queries (for example, in the case of reseller accounts, your resold client’s queries).

  • Day to day administration tasks associated with running your site (such as creating WordPress users).

  • Site migrations or moves not offered as part of initial migration service.

  • Professional Services:

    Support that falls outside the scope defined above may be chargeable under our Professional Services fees. This is provided only at our discretion by prior agreement with you.

    Examples of work which may be chargeable:

  • Account creation (email/ftp etc.).

  • Creating site clones or copies.

  • Code diagnosis or fault resolution.

  • Application-level changes, such as adding URL redirects, cron jobs, or similar.

  • Site-level configuration, such as fixing mixed-content issues or converting a site to HTTPS.

  • Consultation services.

  • Unsupported configurations:

    If you ask us to implement an unsupported configuration, such as deploying an EOL (End-of-life) PHP version, you accept that such configurations may be offered on a best-effort basis, and our usual guarantees may not apply. Unsupported configurations may not interoperate cleanly with other services we offer.


    Standard professional services: £80 + vat per hour, billed in 15-minute increments.

    Out of hours/emergency professional services: £160 + vat per hour, billed in 15-minute increments.

    “Out of hours” is deemed to be any emergency support or professional services work exceeding our defined scope that is required outside standard business hours (9am-5pm UK time).